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In Portland, I (Benjamin Windle) worked at Mannahouse (formerly City Bible Church). It is a 65-year-old multi-generational church. In Australia, I have pioneered Lifeplace over the past 11 years. For the past 2 years, I have drawn from the well of personal experience and studied with an academic approach to produce a document that is research based but practitioner focused.


I’m also a Millennial.


As Pastors and leaders, the challenge is real. 18-29 year olds who have no religious affiliation has nearly quadrupled in the last 30 years. 59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out. We need to ask why?


A new generation is here, and they think, relate, and live differently than any other generation before them. 


Increased life expectancy has led to multiple generations living simultaneously, and we need the generational intelligence to relate to people that where raised in such vastly different moments of human history.


By 2030, Millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce. Will they represent 75% of your church?


True Millennials and Generation Z have only ever known a digital world. Their worldview starts at a very different place than all other generations.


Millennials don’t want a ‘cool church’where modern production is a thin veneer plastered over an old Boomer culture. They want something they can relate to.


Millennials can grow your church if you’ll listen to their ideas.


In a superficial culture, depth is attractive.


Millennials are the future. And the future is now.


This 11,000-word White Paper contains 8 Innovations to leading Millennials. It explains how Millennials can grow your church and change the world.

It is also available in paperback on by Benjamin Windle.

About the Author:


Benjamin Windle (GRADCERTMGT (QLD.UT), GRADCERTBUSADMIN (DEAKIN), MBA (DEAKIN)) is a pastor, author, and life strategist. His ‘Life Minute’ radio program brings 60 seconds of life skills to more than one million listeners on a daily basis. Benjamin is married to his high school sweetheart, Cindi, and in their early twentiesthey moved to the City of Roses—Portland, Oregon—where they worked at City Bible Church for Dr. Frank Damazio. In 2009, they returned with their family to Brisbane to pioneer Lifeplace Church. 


Lifeplace Church is now a thriving multi-campus organization serving a diverse range of people. 

This insight on Millennials' faith is part of Benjamin’s desire to help churches create Generationally Intelligent communities.He advocates that ‘New isn’t on the way. It’s here.’

Benjamin Windle
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