The Scent Of Water

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Not your typical book on hope.

People have long foraged for words that capture the idea that hope and adversity are not only connected, but intrinsically reliant on each other. 

In contemporary thought, the idea of hope is often diluted to the false promise that we can live a trouble-free life, exempt from hardship and crises.


Yet, generations before us would attest that it was these very trials and challenges that forged greatness in them. Hardship and hope together can do something for us that a problem-free life could never do.


In some ways, Job’s story is dark, but it is also so inspiring. I was captivated by the juxtaposition. In fact, what grabbed me – more than anything – was Job’s use of a simple metaphor: of hope being like a tree cut down that springs back to life at the scent of water.

That phrase, the scent of water, crystallized in my thinking as a symbol of a much bigger idea: our greatest challenges in life are linked to our greatest growth. 

Even if your entire life is cut down to a stump that looks dead, new branches will grow, new flowers will bud, and new life will spring.

In this unique and compelling book, you will discover the secret to weathering the storms of life, learn how to rise above daily imperfections, recognize where to turn in the midst of pain, know how to survive crises and come out better, understand how to  lter worry and stress, and gain an ultimate perspective on every challenge you face in life.

You can end the quest for a trouble-free life, and harness every adversity to your advantage.”

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