Foreword by Dr Frank Damazio

Millennials. There could not be a more important and vital group of people to love and support than this generation.


I’m sad to say they have been trashed by endless articles and books over the last few years. But the reality is, we are the fathers of this generation. So, if there is a great disaster going on, it’s ours to own!


My experience, however, is not one of disaster or problems.


I personally think the Millennials are the best to work with. I see greatness in this generation. They have heart, tons of loyalty, compassion, love for justice and a huge disgust for big ego leaders and money wasting organizations! I love their raw honesty, deep authenticity and their hunger to learn.


This is their time and I want to be a part of it - finally a great book on the Millennials!

Dr Frank Damazio

Leadership consultant & author of “The Making of a Leader”.